The Cyclical Mindfulness™ Method Guide

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Do you seek deeper support in your personal awareness and mindfulness journey?

Do you feel connected to Cycles Journal but don't know where to start with your accompanying practices?

I'd like to share this method of Cyclical Mindfulness - finding our center of awareness within the ever-changing nature of life. 

It's a practice of wholistic cycle awareness; honoring all parts of the whole, through noticing patterns, connections, and intersections. It's trust within the endless cycles of growth & decay; embodying our true nature.

Following instinct & intuition, it is presence in both painful and pleasurable polarities – holding space for the in-betweens.

For just $11/22/33, you get:

  • The Cyclical Mindfulness Class Recording
  • Cyclical Mindfulness PDF Packet - printable guide, cheat sheet + resources
  • A guided meditation audio
  • + 1 free month inside our Moonthly Meets Circle to access a live workshop & our replay library of 12+ workshops!
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